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    80009 - HS Pops Concert Band Tickets

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    Add to Cart80009-01HS Pops Concert Band Tickets04/04/17- 04/04/17Case House$0

    80010 - HS Pops Concert Chorus & Orchestra Tickets

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    Add to Cart80010-01HS Pops Concert Chorus & Orchestra Tickets03/29/17- 03/29/17Case House$0

    81001 - Class of 2017 Trips/Expenses

    Senior Skip Day
    Date: April 13, 2017
    Time: 9:45am – 7:00 pm

    Includes: Transportation and ticket to Six Flags.

    Price: $50 before 03/30/17 $55 until 04/07/17
    Last day to buy tickets 04/7/17
    Tickets are Non-Refundable

    Seniors are excused from athletic practices for skip day and an early bus will be provided for the girls lacrosse team to ensure they arrive at school in time for their game.

    In addition to payment a separate parent permission slip must be completed online. Please copy and paste the link below into your web browser to complete the form.

    Parent Permission Slip: Please Click Here

    Letter to Parents and Students: Please Click Here

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    Add to Cart81001-10Senior Skip Day04/13/17- 04/13/17Weston High School$50

    81005 - 2017: Graduation Announcements

    Class of 2017 Graduation Announcements

    Every student will automatically get two free announcements which will be distributed via homeroom the last week of March. Additional announcements may be ordered by April 23rd online for $1.00 each, which also will be distributed to students via homeroom.

    Price: $1.00
    Last day to buy announcements 04/23/17
    Announcements are Non-Refundable

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    Add to Cart81005-12Graduation Announcements04/23/17- 04/23/17Weston High School$0

    81006 - Class of 2017:Breakfast

    Parent Advisors will use donated funds to purchase food & drink for class breakfasts.

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    Add to Cart81006-15Class of 2017 Breakfast01/10/17- 06/10/17Weston High School$0

    81007 - Class of 2019: Dana Farber

    Class of 2019 Donations for: Dana Farber Putting for Patients

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    Add to Cart81007-16Dana Farber Putting for Patients03/06/17- 04/30/17Weston High School$0

    81008 - 2018 Class Trips/Expenses

    Class of 2018 Breakfast Club

    Parent Advisors will use donated funds to purchase food & drink for class breakfasts planned on 11/16, 12/21, 2/15 and 4/12.
    Recommended donation: $20/student

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    Add to Cart81008-15Class of 2018 Breakfast Club11/16/16- 04/12/17Weston High School$0

    81009 - Class of 2019: Breakfast

    Parent Advisors will use donated funds to purchase food & drink for class breakfasts.

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    Add to Cart81009-14Class of 2019: Breakfast02/10/17- 06/30/17Weston High School$0

    81010 - 2020 Class Trips/Expenses

    Parent Advisors will use donated funds to purchase food & drink for class breakfasts.


    Class of 2020 Red Carpet Gala
    Date: May 20, 2017
    Location: Weston Town Hall
    Time: 7 - 10:30 pm

    Price: $50 before 05/1/17 $65 after 05/1/17
    Last day to buy tickets 05/15/17

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    Add to Cart81010-02Class of 2020: Breakfast02/06/17- 06/30/17Weston High School$0
    Add to Cart81010-03Class of 2020 Red Carpet Gala05/20/17- 05/20/17Weston High School$50

    82000 - Pre School Tuition

    It is the philosophy of this program that all children are unique and special. A developmentally-appropriate preschool classroom that supports both children with special needs and children who are developing at a typical pace recognizes each child's strengths, individual needs, pace and style of learning. A learning environment is provided where each child can safely explore, discover, create, interact, communicate and grow. Establishing a collaborative relationship with families is the most effective way to create the best possible experience for each child.

    Weston Windows conducts ongoing screenings and evaluations for children aged 2.9-5 who may be at risk for any area of preschool developments. If you have concerns about your child, please contact the Preschool Coordinator to discuss our screening and evaluation process. Tours of the program are scheduled through the Director of Student Services Offce at 781-786-5240.

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    Add to Cart82000-01PS Annual Tuition09/01/16- 06/30/17Case House$8110

    82500 - Pre School Stay Days

    Stay days offer an extended day program from 12:45PM to 2:30PM for registrered pre-school students at a cost of $1,250/session. Session 1 runs September through January. Session 2 runs February through June.

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    Read Notice82500-11Stay Days: Session 109/01/16- 01/31/17Case House$1250
    Add to Cart82500-12Stay Days: Session 202/01/17- 06/30/17Case House$1250

    84000 - Library Book Donation

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    Add to Cart84000-01Library Book Donation08/31/16- 06/30/17Case House$0

    85000 - Information Technology

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    Add to Cart85000-01IT Repair Deductible08/31/16- 06/30/17Weston Middle School$50
    Add to Cart85000-02IT Charger Replaceme08/31/16- 06/30/17Case House$20

    86008 - Woodland 1st Grade Field Trip

    In conjunction with our social studies unit on Japan, all first grade students will visit the Japanese exhibits at the Boston Children’s Museum.

    There will be a cost of $27.00 per child to pay for transportation and the cost of the program at the museum. The buses will leave Woodland School at approximately 9:00 a.m. and will return to Woodland at approximately 1:15 p.m. The children will be eating lunch at the museum.

    Please have your child bring a lunch that day. The lunch should be in a disposable bag with their name clearly marked. Please have all lunch items in disposable containers/bags. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

    Thank You,
    Mrs. Caramanica
    Miss Carlisle
    Mrs. Zimmerman

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    Add to Cart86008-14Mrs. Caramanica's Class03/24/17- 03/24/17Woodland School$27
    Add to Cart86008-15Miss Carlisle's Class03/24/17- 03/24/17Woodland School$27
    Add to Cart86008-16Mrs. Zimmerman's Class03/27/17- 03/27/17Woodland School$27

    87001 - Advanced Placement Exams

    The Advanced Placement Program is a national curriculum which culminates in a standardized examination in May. At Weston High School, students’ transcripts designate AP courses and grade point averages are calculated based on a weighted system in which AP courses are given a 1.0 boost. Our school profile and other supporting information indicate that, “All students in AP courses are required to take the AP exam in May.” This year, AP history exams are optional, AP Latin is optional, and the AP Statistics exam is optional for Seniors. It is still required for students in other grades. Students who register for optional exams may elect to cancel their test registration through 4/25 and are eligible for a full or partial refund.


    1) Morning exams run 7:30-12:00; Afternoon exams run 11:30-4:30. Students are not permitted to leave exams early.

    2) PHYSICS STUDENTS: You must register/pay for both E/M and Mechanics ($190).

    3) The regular registration period is November 15 through December 1. After December 1 late fees will be assessed.

    4) Announcements about this year’s AP Exam Period will be made in AP classes, via Grapevine and on the Guidance webpage at

    5) Student/parent questions and concerns about the AP program may be directed to Mr. Baltera or Ms. Donahue in the Guidance Office or Ms. Patterson in TEC or by phone at 781-786-5820 or by email at,, or respectively.

    6) If you require and have already been approved for accommodations for the exams through College Board, please contact Mr. Baltera, Ms. Donahue or Ms. Patterson ASAP to ensure that the accommodations will be provided during the exam.

    7) Room assignments for all exams will be published in the lobby by the main office on the day of the exam.

    8) If you have a conflict with a specific exam time, you must notify Mr. Baltera, Ms. Donahue, or Ms. Patterson ASAP to discuss your eligibility for an alternate, late administration. There is no guarantee that a late administration will be available.

    9) Students may register for exams for which they are not taking the corresponding course. They must speak to Ms. Patterson to request such an exam. All requests will be considered but are not guaranteed.

    10) If you believe you are eligible for a fee waiver as described by College Board, please contact Case House at 781-786-5320 and let Mr. Baltera, Ms. Donahue, or Ms. Patterson know.

    Please note: Out of district students registering for exams are not guaranteed and will be handled on a case by case basis and must contact Mrs. Patterson

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    Add to Cart87001-01US History05/05/17- 05/05/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-02World History05/11/17- 05/11/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-03European History05/12/17- 05/12/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-05Psychology05/01/17- 05/01/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-08English Lit & Comp05/03/17- 05/03/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-09Spanish Language05/02/17- 05/02/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-10French Language05/09/17- 05/09/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-11Latin05/12/17- 05/12/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-14Physics C: Elect.& M05/08/17- 05/08/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-15Physics C: Mechanics05/08/17- 05/08/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-16Biology05/08/17- 05/08/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-17Chemistry05/01/17- 05/01/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-18Calculus BC05/09/17- 05/09/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-19Calculus AB05/09/17- 05/09/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-20Computer Science A05/02/17- 05/02/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-21Statistics05/11/17- 05/11/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-22Music Theory05/08/17- 05/08/17Weston High School$100
    Add to Cart87001-23Spanish Literature05/09/17- 05/09/17Weston High School$100

    87002 - Practice ACT Exam

    Online payments for the PreACT is closed. If your student is interested in taking the exam please bring a check made out to the TOWN OF WESTON for $30 to the Guidance Office.

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesLocationFees
    Read Notice87002-01Pre-ACT Exam03/04/17- 03/04/17Weston High School$30
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