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    81024 - DECA

    Natinal and State dues are covered under the $25 dues payment

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    Add to Cart81024-01DECA Dues10/28/20- 12/15/20Weston High School$25

    85000 - Information Technology

          Cart IconActivityDescriptionDatesLocationFees
    Read Notice85000-01IT Repair Deductible09/02/19- 06/30/20Weston Middle School$50

    87011 - 2020-2021 School Year AP Exams

    The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a national curriculum which culminates in a standardized examination in May. While AP exams are optional, it is strongly recommended that all students take the AP exam in May. Students who register for optional exams may elect to cancel their test registration through 3/1 and are eligible for a partial refund.


    1) Morning exams run 7:30-12:00; Afternoon exams run 11:30-4:30. Students must be on time and are not permitted to leave exams early.

    2) PHYSICS STUDENTS: You must register/pay for both E/M and Mechanics ($200).

    3) The regular registration period is September 29 through October 16. After October 16 late fees of $40 per exam will be assessed.

    4) Announcements about this year’s AP Exam Period will be made in AP classes, through the school information system or on the website

    5) You must be enrolled in your AP course online section at WHS in order to register and pay for each exam. If you register for an exam for a course you are not enrolled in at WHS, your registration fee will be automatically refunded and the exam will not be ordered for you. Please contact Ms. Patterson with any questions.

    6) Student/parent questions and concerns about the AP program may be directed to Ms. Patterson in TEC or by phone at 781-786-5826 or by email at

    7) If you require and have already been approved for accommodations for the exams through College Board, please contact Ms. Patterson to ensure that the accommodations will be provided during the exam.

    8) If you believe you are eligible for a fee waiver as described by the College Board, please contact Case House at 781-786-5320 and your guidance counselor.

    9) Room assignments for all exams will be published in the lobby by the main office on the day of the exam.

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    Add to Cart87011-01US History05/06/21- 05/06/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-02World History05/10/21- 05/10/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-03European History05/07/21- 05/07/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-05Psychology05/11/21- 05/11/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-08English Literature05/05/21- 05/05/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-09Spanish Language and Culture05/11/21- 05/11/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-10French Language and Culture05/10/21- 05/10/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-11Latin05/11/21- 05/11/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-13Chinese Language and Culture05/14/21- 05/14/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-14Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism05/03/21- 05/03/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-15Physics C: Mechanics05/03/21- 05/03/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-16Biology05/14/21- 05/14/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-17Chemistry05/07/21- 05/07/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-18Calculus BC05/04/21- 05/04/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-19Calculus AB05/04/21- 05/04/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-20Computer Science A05/06/21- 05/06/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-21Statistics05/13/21- 05/13/21Weston High School$140
    Add to Cart87011-22Music Theory05/12/21- 05/12/21Weston High School$140
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